• Provision of special grants for the setting up of Borno trust fund investment program for unemployed graduates.
  • Establishment of craft villages in various local government areas for vocational training and technical skills acquisition like shoemaking, auto mechanics. It essentials e.t.c.
  • Floating small scale business grants i loans to encourage the creation of new small/medium scale businesses like bakery, local food processing, tanning, dyeing etc.
  • Creation of an enabling environment for the establishment and growth of cottage industries to harness locally available materials in the state.
  • Job creation and environmental protection through waste to wealth program focusing on the recycling of plastics, agriculture, and food processing wastes, polyethylene. Cans e.t.c.
  • Continuous support of sports as part of youth development.


  • Completion of all ongoing reconstruction, rehabilitation, and resettlement projects.
  • Reconstruction rehabilitation and resettlement of more ravaged communities in the state.
  • Seeking for more interventions from international/national organizations to fast track the resettlement of the internally displaced persons (IDP’S).
  • Establishment of a mechanism for compensation soiemes to vulnerable victims of insurgency such as widows, orphans, the hospitalized e.t.c.
  • Improvement of coordination and monitoring of all I recovery interventions from local, state, national, and international organizations.


Providing women with greater opportunities in au. Facets of development e.g education, job creation. Economic empowerment, resettlement e.t.c.

  • Supporting women cooperative societies in providing welfare packages and hands-on training for women with special needs (widows, divorcee’s e.t.c).
  • Providing scholarships and special grants for girls/women.
  • I providing a special grant to boost the entrepreneurship initiatives/abilities of rural women


Adopting a holistic approach to tackle issues of dropouts and out of school children.

  • Provision of robust educational grants for the less privileged and victims of insurgency.
  • Especially focusing on girl child education.
  • Enhancement of scholarship scheme for Borno students.
  • Improvement of teaching and learning facilities at primary. Secondary and tertiary education levels.
  • Special intervention learning programs for people with special needs.
  • Strengthening our higher institutions to build the capa1ty of teachers and another workforce on a continuous basis.
  • Enhancing the institutional capacity of the state-owned tertiary institutions.
  • Capacity building for stakeholders in the education sector.
  • Provision of spe1al support for nonformal educational systems.


  • Creating an industrial policy that will provide enabling environment for setting up of industries.
  • Establishing public-private partnership (PPP) arrangement to reposition the existing industries and government corporations such as wire and nail neutral shoe industries? Companies.
  • Reviewing the legal framework setting up the Borno investment company, strengthening the institutional capacity of the Borno chamber of commerce. Mines, and agriculture (boccia) to open up windows of opportunity through trans8order trade and market.
  • Providing an opportunity for low-interest microcredit to traders/entrepreneurs through a partnership with microfinance banking.
  • Empowering small trades/businesses with grants and revolving loans as part of the economic empowerment strategy.


Massive investment in the ongoing agricultural transformation programs for economic growth and job creation in Borno state.

  • Revitalizing the irrigation schemes in the state.
  • Providing for buffers for insurgency stricken areas.
  • Reinvigorating the production of fertilizer using the Borno state fertilizer blending plant.
  • Evolving a new system of grants and low-interest loans for crop production, animal farming, fisheries, and agricultural product value addition e.t.c.
  • Supporting the use of modern farming techniques such as storage in silos,  extension services, and mechanization.


Setting up of a mechanism for the payments of entitlements for retirees on a sustainable basis.

  • Ensuring efficient and effective resource management tailored towards investment in infrastructure and improved basic services.
  • Reviving the ethos of hard work, integrity, honesty, meritocracy, and patriotism in public service by combatting the culture of corruption, impunity, and nepotism.
  • Ensuring that probity, accountability, and transparency are imbibed in all moas of Borno state.
  • Massive training and retraining program to reposition the system and create a system of motivation to enhance productivity in line with our transformation agenda.
  • Establishment of born 0 state bureau for public procurement to ensure due process and value for money.
  • Transformation of public servile towards e-governance.
  • Improving the institutional and human capacity of state-owned media outfits.


Development of a comprehensive water management/ utilization program.

  • Maintaining and improving the existing urban /rural road networks.
  • Completion of ongoing rural/urban roads/drainage projects and expansion of existing / new roads to include pedestrian bridges e.t.c.
  • Improvement of collection/disposal of rural/urban wastes.
  • Empowering cooperative organizations of rural farmers, artisans, traders, youths. Women e.t.c to revitalize rural life.
  • Creating a policy environment for private estate developers to invest in mass affordable housing in both urban /rural areas.


Creation of new and maintenance of primary health care center.

  • Rehabilitation of psychiatric and skin diseases hospital.
  • Upgrade general hospitals to specialist hospitals with adequate facilities.
  • Introduction of quality contribution health care scheme to improve the health of the citizens.
  • Procurement and maintenance of new ambulances to improve the health care facilities.
  • Introduction of scholarship in the area of medical education to produce more medical personnel to improve the sector.


Enhance the performance of the civilian joint task force by procuring better equipment for their use.

  • Support our military in their fight against insurgency by creating insurance to cover them and their families.
  • Improve the allowances payable to our security forces with a view to motivate them.
  • Recruiting more personnel to the civilian JTF is very critical so as to have committed members of the vigilante and the civilian-JTF to end the insecurity and bring peace and stability.