Road maintenance are activities executed to keep roads in a usable and safe condition as the situation permits. It is the routine prevention and correction of normal damage and deterioration from use to keep roads in usable condition.    The foundation of proper road care is routine maintenance, which keeps costs low and reduces the need for major rehabilitation projects down the line. … Whether the roads are paved or unpaved, regular maintenance is the key to preserving strength and quality, as well as to keeping costs down in the long run

Well-maintained roads reduce the cost of operating vehicles by providing good running surface. Proper maintenance also keeps the roads open and ensures greater regularity, punctuality and safety of transport services.

Postponing road maintenance results in high direct and indirect costs. If road defects are repaired promptly, the cost is usually modest. But if defects are neglected, an entire road section may fail completely, requiring full reconstruction at three times or more the cost, on average, of maintenance costs.

Delayed maintenance has indirect costs as well. Neglected roads steadily become more difficult to use, resulting in increased vehicle operating costs (more frequent repairs, more fuel use) and a reluctance by transport operators to use the roads.