Residents in Borno

Borno state consists of twenty-seven Local Government Areas. The Kanuris are the dominant ethnic group and other ethnic groups include Shuwa Arabs, the Budum of Lake Chad, the Mandara and Kotoko who live in the southeastern part of the State, the Margi of Damboa district, the Babur in the hills and the fulani, Chibok, Ngosge, Guduf, Tera, Waha, Hausa and some few others. The people in Borno state are very peaceful and hospitable, despite their difference in terms of culture, languages, religion and amongst others. Their simple way of life and profound culture of absolute welcomeness and generosity to visitors has captured the true essence of Borno as the, “Home of Peace”. There has been peaceful coexistence, courtesy and cordiality among various tribe living together. This is the reason why you will never get to hear about communal clash or tribal conflicts in the State. An incredible culture here is how the locals invite strangers for dinner. It’s very common to see every household bringing out dishes in front of their houses. Inviting neighbours and passer-by to come join them. This is very unique to the people of Borno and not easily seen elsewhere.