The Office of the Head of Service is an autonomous Department headed by Simon C. Malgwi. He is being assisted by his aides both political and technocrats. The office supervises the following departments:

  • Office of the Establishments and Training
  • General Administration Department
  • Utilities Services Department

The functions of the Office of the Head of Service include:

  1. Providing leadership and direction for the Civil Service by maintaining high morale spirit-de-corps and good image of the service
  2. Fostering professionalism among Civil Servants
  3. Advising the Governor, in consultation with the Chairman, Civil Service Commission on the appointment of Permanent Secretaries
  4. Promoting good relations between Commissioners and other political office holders on the one hand and Permanent Secretaries and other Civil Servants on the other hand
  5. Career development of all Senior Management Staff (GL. 14 and above), including training schemes for such officers
  6. Establishment matters of the Civil Services
  7. Providing Management Service for the Civil Service
  8. Personnel Records and Statistics for the Civil Service
  9. Civil Service Pension Scheme
  10. Staff Salaries, Wages and Allowances of the Civil Service
  11. Civil Service Training Institutions
  12. Should be in attendance at the State Executive Council Meetings
  13. Co-ordinating industrial relations of the Civil Service and providing the secretariat for the Public Service Negotiating Councils
  14. Handles National Council on Establishments matters
  15. Service Welfare Matters
  16. Procurement and allocation of vehicles, offices and residential accommodation to Civil Servants
  17. Monitoring of reforms, transformation, strategy and efficient service delivery