Office of the Governor receives a large volume of mails and telephone calls while less frequently, constituents pay unscheduled visits. In recent years the public begun communicating with the Governor electronically, via email and social media handles such as Facebook and Twitter. In general, contact with the governor’s office will fall into three major categories:

Policy – urging the governor to take a specific position or seeking the governor’s position on state legislation or other policy-related matters;

Scheduling – seeking the governor’s participation in a meeting or event or seeking time on the governor’s calendar; and

Constituent Service – requesting the governor’s assistance in obtaining benefits or services from state government or in recognizing special achievements or milestones such as Deaths and birthdays.

Constituent service requests frequently are referred to appropriate state agencies for a direct response or for information that will enable the governor to respond.

Scheduling requests often will be referred to the governor’s scheduler. Policy-related correspondence may be referred to the governor’s policy aides.

The governor’s website also provides direct access to detailed information about the governor and his priorities programs.

Intergovernmental relations is an important function of the governor’s administration office.

The Governor’s Personal Secretary and Personal Assistant are all members of the senior staff in the Administration Department.