The Office of the Secretary to the State Government/Cabinet Office is an Extra-Ministerial Department in the State Civil Service which is under the purview of the Secretary to the State Government with the Cabinet Office serving as the administrative arm of the Office.

Duties and Responsibilitites

  • Serving as the Secretary to the State Executive Council
  • Coordinating the activities of Ministries and Government agencies, especially on the implementation of Government Policies and Decisions.
  • Liaison with Secretary to the Government of Federation and the Secretaries to State Governments.
  • Supervision of Cabinet Office.
  • National Honours and Awards Committee Chairman.
  • Servicing State Councils Meetings.
  • Dealing with matters relating to condition of service of Political Office holders in the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary.
  • Petitions and Appeals to the Governor from non Public Officers.
  • Advising the Executive Governor on Political Matters
  • Cabinet Matters
  • Policy Analysis and Implementation
  • Monitoring of Council Decisions
  • Official Gazette and Telephone Directory
  • Allocation of Official Identification Vehicle Numbers
  • Declaration of Assets and Oath of Public Office
  • Liaison on Recruitment Exercises to the Armed Forces and the Police