The Governor’s Mission is to establish a community that sees the business of governance as a collective business, hence partakes actively in it.


2 Special Adviser is the administrative head of the Unit. They are assisted by:

  • 2 Senior Special Assistants

  • 3 Special Assistants

Weekly meetings of the Unit are held to deliberate on issues to be addressed and on the mode of approach to be adopted.

The Special Advisers are also involved in a plethora of activities such as the following:

  • Coordinating the State Inter Religious/Inter Ethnic Committee

  • Coordinating of Religious Affairs of both Christians and Muslims and adherents of indigenous faith.

  • Monitoring the various policies and programmes of the state, and its effect on the people.

  • Assisting in the enforcement of government policies, and programmes.

  • Getting feedback from the citizenry of the state to the Government.


The following are the functions of the Community Relations Unit under the governors’ watch

  • Perception Management: to manage the image of the government in the eyes of the people, through the constant education of the people and updating their knowledge of government policies etc.

  • Welfarism Of The Grassroot: This is achieved by continuously speaking and listening to their feelings, needs and aspirations and also assuring them that the government is working for their good.

  • Participatory Governance: to promote the notion of inclusiveness among the people, by engaging them, especially the people of the grassroots, on issues that bother on governance.

  • Sensitization of the various stakeholders and Sectors in favour of the Government Policies.

  • Feedback Mechanism: to serve as a feedback mechanism to the government, by reporting vital pieces of information from the people to the government.


  1. The successful re-orientation of the perception of the people about the government. We have been able manage the image perception of the government by regularly educating and informing the people, thereby engendering their trust and increasing their level of confidence in this administration .

  2. ANTI-TRUANCY CAMPAIGN: The Community Relations Unit set up a Truancy Watch, and descended heavily on truants in primary and secondary schools, who are fond of roaming the streets during the school hours. With permission from the Ministry of Education, these truants were driven out of their hiding places and a follow up on their attendance was also put in place.

  • The Truancy Watch also clamped down on teachers who are perpetually absent from school. Their attendance, registers and lesson notes were monitored to ensure compliance with the state’s education policies and directives.

  • 99% of the children apprehended were those who are repeating classes as a direct result of the “no automatic promotion policy”. Counselling sessions were organised for the affected students as well as their parents.

  • This fight against truancy also reflected among the traders, who have felt the absence of kids hawing during school hours.

  1. MARKET ADVOCACY:This Advocacy aims at developing relationships among traders and winning their trust.The Community Relations Unit started Market Advocacy visit to various markets. The markets visited were Bodija, Aleshinloye, Gbagi, Oje, Dugbe, Ogunpa, and Challenge Scout Camp among others.

  • The traders appreciated the efforts of the government, especially in the areas of infrastructure and education where a lot is being done.

  • This meeting with the Stakeholders in the market gave the traders a sense of belonging which made them feel cared-for and consequently made them table a number of concerns bothering the market. These complaints and concerns have been reported to the government.

  • Through our interaction, we were able to discover series of illegal buildings and transfer of shops and stalls at the Gbagi Market. The leaders of this market were invited to a meeting by His Excellency, Senator AbiolaAjimobi and a committee was set up to look into the matters arising in the market.

  • We were also able to discover the abandoned and unused shops at the Challenge South Camp Market, which His Excellency, Senator AbiolaAjimobi visited to see for himself and a re-organization of the market was done.

  1. SENSITIZATION OF “OKADA”RIDERS ON THE NEED FOR SAFETY MEASURES: The Community Relations Unit held a programme on Wednesday, 15th March, 2017. This programme was a synergy of the important stakeholders in the transportation, health and safety sectors. The Okada Riders were educated on the ethics on motorcycle riding and also on the importance of wearing safety helmets while on the highway.

The Okada Riders were also sensitized on the dangers inherent in carrying more than one passenger, which could increase the risk of accidents. The FRSC officers showed pictures and videos from accident scenes to further drive the point home.

A communique was issued after the programme as follows:

  • Okada riders must not carry more than one person.

  • Every Okada rider must wear a safety helmet.

  • Number plate and Rider’s licence of operation must be obtained by all “Okada” riders

  • In case of accident, hospital should be the first point of call.

  • Okada riders massing to attack other motorists when accidents happen, must stop.

  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks before Okada riding must stop.

  • Sale of alcohol at  Okada garages must stop.

  1. INTERFAITH RELIGIOUS PRAYER: An Interfaith Religious Prayer Session was organised for the success and the smooth administration of Oyo State and Nigeria as a whole. This interfaith Prayer Session witnessed the attendance of many clerics from both faiths, thereby bridging the gap between the two major religions.

  • The Community Relations Unit has also been working closely with the Religious Sector to reduce the issue of morale decadence particularly among the youths.


The Community Relations Unit was also involved in the awareness and sensitization of the stakeholders of the School Governing Board, in the various zones of the state. This awareness and sensitization programme which was engineered by the Ministry of Education, took place in Ogbomosho, Iseyin, Oyo, Ibadan, Saki and Igboho respectively. The main focus of the School Governing Board sensitization programme was to promote the notion of inclusive government and general ownership of schools by citizens in the state.

  1. ELIMINATION OF STREET HAWKING AND TRADING: the Community Relations Unit, has put up a watch against street hawking, especially on kids hawking during school hours.

  2. INFORMING AND EDUCATING THE COMMUNITY ABOUT GOVERNMENT POLICIES: the Community Relations Unit is continuously informing the public of government policies, such as: The School Governing Board, Environmental Sanitation responsibilities, Tax payment etc.

  3. ENCOURAGING AND ENSURING COMPLIANCE OF GOVERNMENT POLICIES: The Community Relations Unit has greatly encouraged compliance to the Government Policies, making the people see the reasons behind these policies and encouraging them to assist the government toachieve abetter future, thereby awakening the citizens to their civic responsibilities.