1. ABADAM_5907(APC) 270(PDP)
2.ASKIRA._ 31536(APC) 19229(PDP)
3.. BAMA_50,385(APC) 841(PDP)
4. BAYO_20,843(APC) 1126(PDP)
5. BIU_48,749(APC)_ 2938(PDP)
6. CHIBOK_ 11507(APC) 10,113(PDP)
7. SHANI_ 26,577(APC) 4,088(PDP)
8. DAMBOA_ 35,902(APC) 528(PDP)
9. GUZAMALA_ 5370(APC) 521(PDP)
10. GUBIO_ 10,207(APC) 510(PDP)
11. GWOZA_ 96754(APC )1791(PDP)
12. HAWUL_ 27314(APC) 8684(PDP)
13. JERE_ 87901(APC) 4548(PDP)
14. KAGA _ 14512(APC) 363(PDP)
15. KALA BALGE_ 14505(APC) 308(PDP)
16. KWAYA KUSAR_ 21,070(APC) 2265(PDP)
17. KONDUGA 27644 (APC) 622(PDP)
18. KUKAWA_ 11225(APC) 347(PDP)
19. MOBAR_ 13,122(APC) 280(PDP)
20. MONGUNO_ 17,336(APC) 458(PDP)
21. MARTE_ 10414(APC) 182(PDP
22.MAFA_ 50,151(APC) 138(PDP)
23. NGANZAI_ 6804(AP ) 975(PDP)
24. NGALA_ 13118(APC) 237(PDP)
25. DIKWA_ 17805(APC) 100 (PDP)
26. MMC_ 146,181(APC) 9632(PDP)
27. MAGUMERI_ 12,739(APC) 694(PDP)



The result of last statuary’s House of Representatives Elections has started reaching our news desk.

Latest of such results comes from Jere and Magumeri, Kaga and Gubio federal constituency’s coalition centres.

Details of the report are presented from our studio.

Announcing the results at the coalition of Jere the returning officer of the election Dr. Yusuf Ngoshe said the election was conducted free, fair and credible where Engineer Satomi Ahmed of APC scored the total number of eighty two thousand three hundred and seventy votes against his main contender of PDP Bukar Shuwa who scored eight thousand nine hundred and eleven votes.

And declared Engineer Satomi Ahmed of the APC as the winner and return elected.
Speaking to newsmen after the announcement of the result the member elect for Jere House of Representatives Engineer Satomi Ahmed thanked the people of his constituency for giving him the mandate and promised not to let them down.
Also from Magumeri the collation centre of Kaga, Magumeri and Gubio Federal constituency report for the Presidential and National Assembly elections indicates that the election were conducted peaceful devoid of any rancor.





Declaring the result of the House Representatives elections the returning officer of the area Professor Musa Abdullahi said Usman Zannah of APC having scored the total number of thirty thousand six hundred and eighty three votes is the winner while contenders from PDP scored seven thousand seven hundred and twenty two votes, SDP scored thirty one votes while UCP scored eighteen votes.
Former Commissioner of Local Government and Emirate Affairs Usman Zannah was therefore declared winner having the highest votes cast.