1Ministry Of Agriculture & Natural Resources
2Ministry Of Trade, Commerce and Investment
3Ministry Of Finance & Budget Planning
4Ministry Of Education
5Ministry Of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Resettlement
6Ministry of Animal and Fisheries Development
7Ministry of Higher Education
8Ministry Of Health
9Ministry Of Home Affairs, Information & Culture
10Ministry Of Women Affairs & Social Development
11Ministry of Justice
12Ministry of Local Government & Emirate Affairs
13Ministry of Physical Planning & Urban Development
14Ministry of Poverty Alleviation & Youth Empowerment
15Ministry Of Special Duties & Intergovernmental Relations
16Ministry of the Environment
17Ministry Of Transportation
18Ministry of Home Affairs, Information & Culture
19Ministry of Works and Transport
20Ministry of Sports and Youth Development
21Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture
22Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation
23Ministry Of Religious Affairs & Special Education
25Ministry Housing and Energy
26Ministry Of Inter Governmental Affairs
27Ministry Urban & Rural Water Supply
28.Ministry Of Housing and Energy

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