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             Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, I will like to start by reminding us that as we are gathered here today in this hallowed chamber, hundreds of thousands of our innocent citizens are scattered as refugees in camps set up by government within and outside Borno State while some are taking refuge with relations and friends within and outside the State. These people have in most cases been separated from their families. Parents have been taken away from their comforting, God-given children, brothers separated from sisters, wives kept away from husbands, dependent old men and women put off from those they relied upon. These are sons and daughters of Borno State, they are our own kith and kin that have been brutally displaced in the same Borno they call their home. This is the tragedy of our dear State today. Bad as the situation of these our innocent displaced parents, children, brothers and sisters are, they fall under the category of those considered lucky because unlike, many others, they are alive. Thousands of others have been killed yet some of our local government areas are still under occupation. This is out story. 


Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I started todays presentation on a rather tragic note in order to re-awaken all of others to the plight of our electorates and the challenges before us. Our people are traumatized, they seek our help which they not only deserve but indeed, they are entitled to, as law abiding citizens of Borno State, who have entrusted us with a mandate to protect them and their property and as well, comfort them in their hour of need. We must live to their expectations. We have a constitutional and moral obligation to live to their expectations, after all, that is why our citizens elected us into office in the first place. 




Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, you are very much aware of our collective and continued hard work towards finding an enduring solution to the insurgency problems in Borno State. Apart from our indisputable material and other more critical support for the Military, other security agencies, para-military organizations and youth volunteers involved in the counter-insurgency operations in the State, we have within last three months moved as a team comprising our National Assembly members, the leadership of this Honourable House, our traditional rulers, hosted by virtually every strategic past and present National leader from the Northern extraction and at every session, we made frank presentations and appealed for intervention with a view to mounting considerable pressure on appropriate organs in order to have the right steps either taken or sustained where they have been taken, so as to overcome our challenges of insurgency. We pulled huge goodwill, paramount commitments that were evident during our interactions with those we met. We are so confident, that insha Allah, what we planted has grown fast and will bear fruits. There are clear indications to that effect.  


 Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, we have never for one day, ignored the problems that stares Borno in the face. We have been working hard, including taking advantage of volunteer traditional hunters whose colleagues in Adamawa State successfully freed Mubi from insurgents with the support of security agencies. Early in the year, if this exalted House may wish to recall, we had assembled hundreds of traditional hunters at the Hajj Camp here in Maiduguri. The hunters had volunteered to move into the Sambisa forest for operations. After careful consultations with appropriate security agencies, we were advised that their involvement wasnt a potent step at that time, given some security considerations that aimed at ensuring deployment of the right combat strategies to address our peculiar situation that differed from the situation in Mubi which suited the involvement of traditional hunters.


Mr Speaker, Honourable members, you might be wondering why I delved a little, into security issues. I tried to offer some explanations to clear some misconception being ignited by mischief makers, who try to mislead some of our people, into assuming that Mubi was cleared of insurgents by traditional hunters, owing to some commitment of political leaders. The aim here is to draw a comparison that aims at public incitement that is most unfair to victims and also unreasonable. Let me use this opportunity to thoughtfully plead with politicians to respect the sensibilities of our traumatized people and not to play politics with issues as important as combating insurgents especially since we all know, that securing the lives and property of all Nigerians is a task we share with the Federal Government, which has the constitutional mandate, the control over armed forces and the powers to determine actions to be carried out by armed forces on situations such as ours in Borno State. Our responsibility lies with offering financial and moral support to security forces and this we have been doing in addition to giving our youth volunteers every support they need. The military, Police, DSS, the Nigerian Immigration Service and all other security agencies have been doing their utmost best in the circumstance. But like I said during a state broadcast not long ago, our citizens have every reason to be unhappy with the situation on ground, no matter the number of planned attacks security agencies may have been able to prevent and this is because, there have been many attacks successfully executed by insurgents which unfortunately, left thousands of citizens killed, too many injured, hundreds of thousands displaced and communities razed. 


 Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, let me hasten to say that our situation in Borno State is not a hopeless one. We have very high hope that the Boko Haram insurgency will be brought to an end, and soon, Bi Iznillah. We have very determined personnel in the armed forces and volunteers. These patriotic men and women can overcome our challenges with the right decisions that we all have to continually take leaders whether at the Federal or State levels of Government or at the level of security establishments.


Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, we have, like I said, a big task before us, which is to meet the very critical and realistic needs of our people. It is with this in mind, which I am absolutely sure, members of this House equally share at heart that I am before you once again. The Nigerian constitution recognizes this sacred Assembly as an arm of Government, which to me is the main symbol of democracy because while executives and the judiciary existed during most regimes of the Military in Nigeria, the legislature exists only during democracies. The legislature is therefore, the number one element and the pride of every democracy in the world. I am therefore honoured to be before the Borno State Legislative House.


Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I am here in compliance with section 121, subsection 1 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to present to this Hounourable House the 2015 appropriation bill, for your consideration and approval. You have always extended warm friendliness to the executive arm without compromising your integrity as legislature. Let me therefore express my profound gratitude for the cordial working relationship existing between the three of Government especially the full support I enjoy from the members of this Honourable House.  I must also commend the Honourable Members for undertaking various developmental projects and programmes in respective constituencies which have no doubt complemented the effort of the Government at both State and Local Government levels.  Some members have even made personal sacrifices to support our internally displaced persons in addition to other citizens. I must also acknowledge these kind efforts. Equally of note are Institutions, public and private, individuals and organizations who have at various times, donated relief items to us in the executive for onward distribution to our displaced citizens.  I pray the Almighty Allah rewards these acts of benevolence while we pray that we do not witness any spate of violence in the year 2015 and afterwards. 


Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, before speaking on the 2015 appropriation bill, let me recall that in 2014 when I made a presentation here, we had outlined various projects and programmes which we intended to either initiate or accelerate and complete within the fiscal year.  Although substantial progress has been made as many of our projects have been completed others could not be completed because of security challenges, which, prevented contractors from obtaining required materials and deployments to sites.  We are never the less happy to say, that most if not all yet to be completed projects, are at advanced levels that promise speedy completion.  Projects like the Legacy Gardens, Shettima Ali Monguno Teachers village, 400 Housing units along Biu-Damboa road, the housing units along Gubio and Bama roads, the peace estate and many others you mostly know about, are at almost 90% completion stage.  Let me say with emphasis, that insha Allah, we will complete all projects. This desire informed our decision to christen the 2015 appropriation bill, the Budget of fulfilment. We intend to utilize all available means to ensure timely completion of all on-going projects and programmes before May, 2015. During my address to our 24 commissioners last week at the council chambers, I had given matching orders that every commissioner must work hard to ensure that ongoing projects related to his or her ministry must be completed in good time. This is why as a policy, we ensure that commissioners are part of committees carrying out projects relevant to their Ministries so that they can influence happenings within the committee to accelerate performance. Like I told the commissioners, I will consider any commissioner a failure, if projects related to his or her Ministry are not completed by May, 2015. In the next couple of days, I will inaugurate a Task Force of Harmonization, Acceleration and Completion of all Government Projects to be saddled with mandate of working with the newly established Ministry of Monitoring and Special Projects in order to combine efforts that aim at fast-tracking the delivery of projects for use by our citizens including giving the Task Force full powers to sanction, recommend withdrawal or termination of any slowly executed contracts, where necessary. On my part, I will accord all necessary approvals and on the spot evaluation. I am sure to get a seal of approval from this Honourable House through approval of the 2015 budget. 


Mr Speaker, Honourable members, we intend to initiate realizable projects that will have immediate impacts on the lives of our people. The year 2015 will be dedicated for projects and programmes completion as the budget title suggests and that, is in pursuance of our dreams towards the recovery and progress of our dear State.




            Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, as we actualize our dreams in the 2015 fiscal year, we shall continue to uphold our parameters of prudence and transparency in the management of public funds like we have done in previous years.   We shall mobilize adequate resources and human capital to implement projects and programmes in the following areas:-


a)                 Containment of the security challenge, reconstruction of communities destroyed by insurgents and resettlement of internally Displaced persons and their rehabilitation through well thought out programmes.


b)                Completion of all roads on-going projects and rehabilitation of township roads especially the State Capital and other very important roads.


c)                 Completion of all housing projects within the State Capital, establishment of Solar Light generating plant and electrification of towns and villages.


d)                Job creation through agriculture, entrepreneurship development, skills acquisition and provision of micro credit facilities to small and medium scale enterprises as well as collaboration with CBDA for Wheat farming and irrigation agriculture.


e)                 Rehabilitation of school infrastructure, provision of facilities and improvement of teachers and students welfare and security to guarantee functional education.


f)                  Provision of both curative and preventive health care, employment of  more Doctors and Nurses and  procurement of health equipment, essential drugs and ensure environmental hygiene as well as reduce maternal and child mortality.


g)                 Provision of portable water for human and animal consumption, strengthening of institutions of Governance for effective service delivery, intensification of prayers for total peace and tranquility to return to our dear State and Country.


         Mr. Speaker,  Honourable Members, I would like to assure you that we are more committed and determined to achieve these lofty goals of this administration given your usual cooperation and courtesies so as to carry Borno State to greater  heights and regain its lost glory.




    Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, during the year under review, we budgeted the total sum of two hundred and four billion, four hundred and twenty eight million, five hundred and eighty thousand naira (N204, 428,582,000.00) for both recurrent and capital expenditures.  Out of this figure, the sum of sixty billion, nine hundred and fifty five million, five hundred and thirteen thousand naira (N60,955,513,000.00) was for recurrent expenditure while one hundred and forty three billion, four hundred and seventy three million and sixty nine thousand naira (N143,473,069,000.00) was for capital expenditure.  During the same period, the estimated recurrent revenue was put at one hundred and sixty three billion, five hundred and seventy six million, sixty seven thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine naira (N163,576,067,999.00)comprising an estimated statutory allocation of one hundred and twenty four billion, one hundred and fourteen million, five hundred and thirty one thousand naira (N124,114,531,000.00) and internally generated revenue of thirty nine billion, four hundred and sixty one million, five hundred and thirty six thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine naira (N39,461,536,999.00) with estimated capital receipts of one hundred and forty three billion, four hundred and seventy three million, sixty nine thousand naira (N143,473,069,000.00).


            The year 2014, like I enumerated earlier, was full of challenges arising from insurgency activities where several Local Government Areas were taken over by the insurgents, thousands of people were killed and millions were displaced.  We were therefore engaged in creating resettlement camps within the State Capital to accommodate and take care of displaced persons from Bama, Gwoza, Dikwa, Ngala, Marte, Damboa, Askira/Uba, Mafa, Konduga, Mobbar, Kukawa, Abadam amongst others.  We also had to transport displaced persons from Cameroun and Niger Republics to Maiduguri in some cases and from Adamawa and Gombe States to Maiduguri. Hundreds if not thousands are still displaced elsewhere and deserve our support, care and sympathy. I have taken keen interest in the welfare of internally displaced persons in the various camps, which is why I undertake regular unscheduled visits to camps to monitor feeding, accommodation, health and general wellbeing to ensure some level of comfort. I am very much aware that there is no place like home, for most citizens.  I must thank Governments of neighbouring Countries, International organisations and neighboring States of Gombe, Adamawa and Bauchi  for their concern and assistance in taking care of our displaced persons.


            These challenges notwithstanding, we initiated and accelerated numerous projects and programmes in the year 2014. In many instances, as you will bear testimony, I made it a habit of personally going round projects to assess level of work and to ensure that contractors comply with contractual agreements and specifications. This I was doing to add to supervisory roles played by Ministries. We also launched programmes such as approving foreign sponsorship to citizens for training of our daughters under a female medical intervention programme that is designed to produce 300 female doctors of Borno extraction over the next five years; sponsorship of youths to India for training on installation, maintenance and management of irrigation equipment. We also launched a free feeding programme for patients in Hospitals, primary schools and most recently, Government launched the Food for all initiative programme designed to support indigent families owing to poor farming season suffered last year as a result of insurgency occupations. We have started the programme with families who accommodate Internally Displaced Persons. We will soon extend to other households in Maiduguri and Jere. Government will within the next few days launch the Food For All Initiative in Southern Borno Zone while I will appeal to the Right Hounourable Speaker of the Borno State House of Assembly, to in the spirit of cordiality between the executive and legislature, launch the Food Initiative Programme in Northern Borno Senatorial Zone. You may recall that the Deputy had launched different stages of the programme in Maiduguri for the Borno Central Senatorial zone which I affirmed two weeks ago, when I appeared for the eight round of the programme in Gamboru ward.     


Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, we have generally made some progress even though far from the very high standard we had targeted and our inability is due to obvious impediments. 


Mr Speaker, permit me to give a summarized account of our modest accomplishments in the year under review according to sectors. 




            Let me first and foremost express my deep sorrow over the abduction of over 200 female students at GGSS Chibok on 14thApril, 2014 just as I am pained by the abduction of any other citizen of Borno, male or female.  I am Indeed saddened by that Chibok incident first as a father and as Governor of Borno State, whose people are affected. We will never give up on the recovery of our missing daughters. No sane parent gives up on a missing child. Efforts have been made and will continue to be made to collaborate with the Federal Government to secure their release insha Allah. To biological parents and guardians of the Chibok schoolgirls, may Allah give us to strength to stand through our moment of grief and may He grant our wishes and prayers to have our girls back very soon and in sound health.  I commiserate once again with all parents and relations who might have lost pupils in the course of this insurgency in any part of the State. I pray that Allah grants mercies to all our good citizens who died over the years.




            Talking about Education, Borno State has 1,362 primary schools with 19,082 teachers at the basic education level while there are 264 Junior Secondary Schools with 3,431 teachers.  We have made deliberate efforts in the year 2014, to improve educational content by enhancing the welfare of teachers and modifying learning environment in our schools.  Specifically, Government has implemented the new minimum wage salary for Primary and Junior Secondary Teachers. Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, according to testimonies by some National officers  of the Nigerian Union of Teachers, NUT, very few States in Nigeria have so far given considerations to extending the minimum wage to primary school teachers. Borno happens to me one of the few States that have so far extended the minimum wage to teachers in primary schools. Our decision to reach primary schools was at the risk of mischievous blackmail which we knew from on set. Mr Speaker, we undertook a verification exercise to get rid of ghost workers so we could have enough to pay those working the minimum wage they deserve. We discovered in the course of our verification exercise, that some few individuals were feeding very fat from the toils of thousands of teachers in Borno State. These very selfish individuals were accumulating so much every month, which should have gone to many teachers. We therefore dared to stop them so that deserving teachers could benefit. We know for sure, that these individuals would stop at nothing but blackmail Government and in some cases, incite teachers. Good governance requires taking the critical steps for the betterment of citizens, humanity and posterity not just to avoid hurting some people for fear of political harm. It is Allah that gives power. 


We have so far promoted 13,163 teachers while outstanding gratuity of teaching and non-teaching staff which was unpaid from 1994 2008, were settled.  Already, funds have been released to a special Committee set up for payment of gratuity, to carry on with the second phase of the payment. To ensure proper teaching and learning, Government has put in place a Committee on resuscitation of primary education system where free uniforms, feeding and free instructional   materials were distributed to all schools. For effective and efficient monitoring of schools, Government provided mobility to inspectors of education in all zones to facilitate their checks on schools. Also, training and retraining of teachers has been the corner stone of this administration.  Under the intervention fund, Government has settled the counterpart fund for 2013 and 2014 meant for the construction of classrooms, staff quarters, offices and provision of furniture and electronic appliances.  I am happy to note that substantial progress has been made in the provision of these facilities and infrastructure across the State.


            At the Secondary level, because of the insurgency, some of the Secondary School students were relocated to the State Capital and Biu Township so as to enable them complete their WAEC/NECO examinations. Government has completed all on-going projects carried over from previous years and constructed twenty number of staff quarters at GGSS Yerwa, Mustapha Umar El-Kanemi Arabic College and Government College, Maiduguri.  We have also undertaken special intervention at GDSS, Maiduguri, GGC Maiduguri, GDSS Wadali and GSS Kwaya-Kusar while furniture, uniforms, mattresses and generators were purchased and distributed to schools.  This is in addition to the sustenance and prompt release of students feeding fees and sponsorship of students from GGSS Chibok.        We have also purchased JAMB forms to students of public schools who scored 5 credits and above.


            The Teaching Service Board has been relocated and provided with a new office complex, a 150 KVA generator and office furniture in view of the perennial flooding of former site while over 1000 senior and junior staff were promoted to various grades with accompanying benefits.  We have also continued to maintain regular payments of salaries and other entitlements of teachers as well as in-service training to all teachers.  The State Library Board and Agency for Mass Literacy have also received the desired attention within the period.


            At the tertiary education level, Government has continued to maintain the seven owned tertiary institutions in the State as well as providing scholarships to all  Borno State indigenes undertaking courses in various institutions across the country and overseas.  Specifically, Government has sponsored 60 female students to study MBBS at University of Sudan, 25 Borno indigenes for Nigerian Seafarers Development Programme, 20 students to study petroleum energy/geology in United Kingdom and 15 students for National Power Training Institute of Nigeria.  Furthermore, Government paid Law school tuition fees of 85 students and provided them with Laptop each as well as provided scholarship to science related courses for second degree programme in reputable Universities abroad.


            In terms of infrastructure, Government has awarded contract for the construction of five faculties and senate building at the State University to six indigenous contractors under the supervision of a consulting firm.    It has also undertaken expansion and complete renovation of Mohammed Goni College of Legal and Islamic Studies and Abba Ashigar College of Business and Administrative Studies, Konduga.  While fencing of Mohamet Lawan College of Agriculture, renovation of male and female Hostels and convocation square and 10 2-bedroom houses for staff at Kashim Ibrahim College of Education are at various stages of completion.  Let me seize this unique opportunity to commend the Provost and Management of Kashim Ibrahim College of Education and Ramat Polytechnic for undertaking various projects with their internally generated revenue and urge other institutions to emulate this good example.




            Agriculture being the mainstay of our economy has been receiving the desired boost to ensure food production and create jobs to the youths.  Though this year, the insurgency has prevented most of our people from farming and even those who farmed could not harvest their crops thereby throwing the whole State into a food scarcity situation.  However, considering the fact that food is life, Government will do everything within its power to promote agriculture through the provision of the necessary inputs such as machineries, fertilizers and pesticides as well as collaborate with CBDA to invest in wheat and vegetables production.


            During the period under review therefore, Government has procured and distributed 10,000 metric tones of assorted chemical fertilizers and purchased pesticides and equipment for the control of crop pests across the State.  It has also procured agricultural machineries from Tanta Motors of Egypt comprising 135 Disc harrows, 135 Disc plough, 20 chisel plough, 10 land leveler, 10 rotary slasher, 10 Ditcher, 40 ridger, 4 blades and 30 grain thresher.  Furthermore, 600 assorted rice mills have been procured and are all on ground and will soon be distributed to our farmers, while 25 combine harvesters and 25 harvesting equipment are being awaited and will soon be delivered to the State.


            To actualize our dreams in the agricultural sector, Government reactivated all the irrigation schemes and provided water pumps as well as dredged 150 Km of dormant canals.  In collaboration with CBDA, we cultivated 6500 hectares of land with 5000 for wheat and 1500 for vegetables which produced high yields but the insurgents destroyed the farm.  Moreover, Government procured and distributed hybrid and improved seeds to our farmers in addition to training them on the use of new technologies in crop production.


            To ensure that we have the required manpower, Government trained 150 youths in various areas of agricultural production, while 366 extension agents were trained on agricultural technologies for dissemination to farmers.  To facilitate easy movement by our officers, Government purchased motor vehicles and motor cycles and renovated ICT centres having provided furniture and computers.  Government will therefore continue to give top most priority to the agricultural sector for mass food production so as to create job opportunities for our teeming youths. 


            In the Animal and Fisheries sector, Government has reactivated the diary plant to full capacity production of 5000 litres per day while a borehole has been drilled at Jauro Yaji grazing reserve in Magumeri Local Government to provide water for human and animal consumption. The Poultry section has been provided with new modern poultry equipment and battery cages to enhance greater productivity.  Similarly, livestock investigation and breeding centres have been rehabilitated and inspections of meat, hides and skin are going on at abattoir/slaughter houses.  In fact, the complete renovation of Maiduguri abattoir is in progress.  We have also continued to maintain fish ponds for the production of fingerlings and research purposes to students and unskilled trainees. 




            The provision of potable water for both human and animal consumption has continued to be our top priority during the year 2014 especially within the State Capital and major towns and villages.  Towards this end, Government has been maintaining the Maiduguri Water Treatment Plant, Alau Raw Water Pumping Station and boreholes located across the State to ensure that the water demands of the people are met.  For instance, we now produce 30 million cubic litres of potable water per day for MMC and Jere through the Maiduguri Water Treatment Plant and insha Allah we shall double our effort in this regard.  To ensure constant supply of water, we have procured enough water treatment chemicals and constructed 10 units of 2-bedroom houses for the comfort of the staff.


            Similarly, we have addressed the water needs of areas of the State Capital that are not connected to the Maiduguri Water Treatment Plant through drilling of boreholes, construction of water works C at Alhamdari and purchased pipes for pipeline extension across the State.   At the three health institutions of school of Nursing and Midwifery and School of Health technology, we have provided pipeline network, overhead tank and ground reservoir to ensure constant water supply.  While all our generators are being serviced on quarterly basis to prolong their lifespan.  New band generators were supplied to Health Technology, 777 and 505 Housing Estates to enhance their water supply system.    Furthermore, we have converted 78 motorised boreholes to solar pumps at various locations within Maiduguri and installed 30 pumps of various capacities to different boreholes within MMC and Jere to further boost water supply.




            Road network and transportation are the life wire of any society and one of the pre-requisite for any meaningful development and that is why our administration has given top priority to the provision of urban and rural roads to facilitate easy conveyance of goods and passengers.  During the period under review therefore, we have undertaken several road projects within the state capital and across the 27 Local Government Areas.  We have also resurfaced some of our township roads that were in dilapidated conditions and they are now in a good State especially from old welcome roundabout through Sir Kashim road to West end and up to Custom roundabout.  The road and drainage projects in Bulumkuttu Abuja, Bullumkuttu Stadium, Bullumkuttu Tsallake are all at various stages of completion.       Similarly, road projects under our direct labour unit such as Gwange, Mairi Kuwait, Dikwa Lowcost and Bayan Gidan Dambe are at various stages and will soon be completed insha Allah.  To boost our direct labour unit, we have purchased new plants, vehicles and equipment such as water tanker, tipper, pay loader, roller, Grader, excavator, cement block making machines, concrete mixer among others.  We have also procured 25 units of generators for streetlight and 450 mass transit buses for Borno Express Corporation.  All these were aimed at providing good road network and easy and affordable transport to the low income earners and the masses of our people.


            Furthermore, to ensure that the Capital is properly lighted, we have purchased 3000 galvanised poles and 3000 LED streetlight to be installed along our highways. 


Let me say at this moment, that projects we started in some rural areas were stopped due to the insurgency. However, soon as peace is restored, contractors will move to sites.  




            The provision of housing for both residential and office accommodation has become indispensable in view of the shortage of shelter and increasing demand especially in the State Capital.  Consequently, Government has been making concerted effort to alleviate this problem of accommodation.  Towards this end, Government has completed the first phase of the Legacy Garden housing estate and has commenced the second phase which is at advance stage of completion.    In the same vein, 2500 units of houses in the State Capital has also been completed and they are located along Biu-Damboa road, Gubio road, Gamboru-Ngala road and Bama  road all within  Maiduguri.  To relocate the people of Bulabulin Ngaranam who were displaced by the insurgency, Government is in the process of constructing 430 houses at the former groundnut pyramid site here in Maiduguri.




            Mr. Speaker, Hon. Members, during the period under review, we have resuscitated BOPLAS with the purchase of raw materials and spare parts for the  manufacture of plastic pipes, mats and PVC/PE pipe.   We have also completed modalities for the setting up of Bottle Water Company here in Maiduguri  to meet the high demand  for which only few companies are available.    In the same vein, Government set up a high powered committee to look into the activities of Borno Supply Company and it has made far reaching recommendations on the way forward which will be considered in the 2015 fiscal year.




            With the influx of people into the State Capital and the increase in demand for land for the  provision of shelter for human habitation, Government acquired, designed and allocated layouts at Njimtilo, Dikwa road and Bama road to residents and for construction of housing estate and pivot irrigation scheme.  Government   has also received 2,247 applications for statutory right of occupancy, deed of assignments and revoked part of BOTP/59 at Pompomari for the construction of Solar Panel Manufacturing Company.  Furthermore, Government has completed the construction of new Trailer Park along Kano road while the sum of N12 Million and N42 Million were respectively collected as revenue and from Development levy on Government layout BOSA/179 at Njimtilo.




            During the year under review, Government accelerated work for establishment of an FM station that is designed to cover the whole of Borno, some neighbouring States and countries. That project is about being completed. Government also awarded contract for the renovation and modification of the Fire Service building, renovation of staff quarters, provision of drainage to prevent flooding and fencing of the Fire Service Premises which have been completed.  In addition, Government procured fire fighting equipment, chemicals and breathing apparatus for our fire men and women.  BRTV and Council for Arts and Culture received the required boost during the period.




            Sports is one of the activities that Government has given serious attention in order to develop the physical and mental well being of the individual as well as engage our youths who may project our image in various sporting  events within and outside the county.  The state team, the  El-Kanemi Warriors Football Club, has been doing very well as it has reached the premier league. Other sporting activities like handball, Hockey, Cycling and others are doing fine and therefore deserve our support.


            During the year under review therefore, Government has paid the Sign-on fees of El-Kanemi Warriors Football Club, assisted clubs and associations and sponsored Borno State delegates to the 2014 world cup finals held in Brazil.  We have also fenced the  blown off walls of the  El-Kanemi Warriors Sports Centre and constructed shops around the Maiduguri International Stadium which is at 85% completion stage. 




            Women and children constitute the largest part of our population and yet the most vulnerable especially now with the havoc caused by the insurgency that rendered thousands widows and orphans and homeless.  The task of the Government in handling such situation has therefore doubled considering the fact that we have over 10 IDPs Camps in Maiduguri alone not to talk of those who are managing with their relatives and the outside Camps like Biu, Gombe, Yola, Cameroun and Niger Republic among several others.


            During the period under review therefore, apart from taking care of the various IDPs camps in terms of accommodation, feeding and health care needs, we have been able to provide capital and materials to women groups, tea sellers, Akara sellers, etc to empower them.  Similarly, we have been providing food items and medical care to Fatima Ali Sheriff Children Home, the Remand home, the rehabilitation centre at Bullumkuttu and Muna Blind Farm Craft Training Centre. At the same time, undertaking their training to make them productive members of the society especially in tailoring, embroidery, knitting, carpentry and shoe making among others.


            Furthermore, Government has renovated the Bullumkuttu Rehabilitation Centre, the Muna Blind Farm Centre and organized workshops for stakeholders on maternal and child mortality as well as collaborated with UNICEF and FGN on Psychosocial support programme and safe school initiative respectively.






            The challenges in the health sector have doubled in view of the thousands of people who sustained injuries as a result of the insurgency and the crowding of people in various IDPs camps as well as new emerging diseases that were hitherto unknown.   To meet up with these challenges, Government procured and distributed essential drugs and hospital consumables to Hospitals and IDPs Camps to contain the outbreak of cholera in some Local Governments and to handle IDPs cases. We have also successfully conducted an integrated measles campaign and distributed drugs to Local Governments for the control of measles.


            To ensure that all our people benefit from our integrated health care services, Government constructed new primary health care centres at Kwanda in Gwoza,  Talau ngam in Abadam and Gashigar in Mobbar Local Government Areas.   While contract has been awarded for the installation of solar power to General Hospitals at Gudumbali, Konduga, Kukawa and Benisheikh to ensure constant power supply in face of the increasing patients.  Furthermore, we have constructed and furnished doctors quarters within the Milk shop area GRA and new drugs ware house and offices at Molai.  The children and women hospital, Umaru Shehu and Muhammad Shuwa Memorial Hospitals have been provided with solar power.


 To carry health care services to the rural areas, we have established State Primary Health Care Development Agency and renovated hospitals at Benisheikh, Damboa, Monguno, Ngala and Shani while the male and female hostels at School of Nursing and Midwifery and school of health technology have been completely rehabilitated to make the environment comfortable for learning.  Moreover, the State Government collaborated with the Federal Government to organize a sensitization and awareness workshop on Ebola virus with a view to taking all necessary measures to prevent the disease.




The eco-system needs to be properly maintained if we are to maximally benefit  from the environment and that is why the State Government took far reaching measures to combat desertification, deforestation, soil and land degradation, gully and soil erosion and air and water pollution.  I am happy  to note that Maiduguri the State Capital is now looking cleaner as most of the refuse dumps have been cleared and our high ways are being cleaned daily.


During the period under review therefore, we have provided culverts at different locations and evacuated drainages within the State Capital.  To control desertification, we have raised 10 million assorted tree seedlings and distributed to the general public while five hectares of orchard were developed each in Kaga, Magumeri, Konduga, Monguno and Mafa.  To reduce deforestation, 6000 wood efficient stoves and 5000 single and double burner gas stoves were purchased and distributed to the people.  Moreso, 6 permanent nurseries were rehabilitated and 26 temporary ones were established to facilitate community woodlots.  In the area of training, Government organized workshops for young farmers clubs and forestry associations.  It ha also  fully participated in the Federal Government Great Green Wall Project. 




 During the year under review, Government has undertaken its traditional courtesy of assisting our people during the Ramadan Fasting period through the provision of Ramadan Kareem to over 20,000 less privileged members of the society.  It has also purchased and distributed 57 trucks of rice and sugar and 3,000 rams to prominent citizens and the general public to cushion their hardships and assist in the celebrations.  The same was extended to our Christian brothers during festive period that include the just concluded Christmas.  Government has also assisted our Muslim and Christian pilgrims in subsidizing accommodation, transport, feeding, medical treatment among others while religious bodies were also assisted. 


 During the same period, Government undertook the registration of all Tsangaya and Islamiya Schools in the State so as to assist in planning, development and control.  The permanent site of the Ministry at the Musa Usman Secretariat was completed and furnished.  This is in addition to the complete rehabilitation of school for the Blind and sponsorship of special students in various training schools across the country.  Also sensitization workshop and seminars were organized for ulama and teachers of Islamiya schools on HIV/AIDS, meningitis, polio and measles so as to transmit same to the pupils and students to reduce the scourge and spread of the diseases. Religious rites such as Hajj pilgrimage and prilgrimage to Jerusalem is very dear to our citizens. Government assisted indigent citizens with sponsorship of such trips while citizens, pledged to devote prayers for the return of peace to Borno, which they hopefully did and we are confident that no prayer is a waste.




  Mr. Speaker, Honourable members, our budget of fulfillment is geared towards completing all on-going projects and embarking on new ones that are necessary for the achievement of our overall objective of  improving the living conditions of our people and boosting the economy.   In doing this, we shall mobilize all available resources and human capital to ensure that the targeted objectives are achieved especially peace and stability, conducive environment for small and medium scale businesses to thrive, improving agriculture to generate employment opportunities to the youths and introduction of mechanized farming in our system. Considering the fact that our projections are ambitious while our resources are limited, we shall explore all avenues of revenue generation to complement the statutory allocation from the Federation Account which have dwindled in view of the general downward trend for oil prices in the international market.  We shall therefore continue to block all wastages and maintain prudence, accountability and transparency in the management of public funds.


Accordingly, we have budget the total sum of N175,918,759,525.00 for the fiscal year.  This comprises of recurrent expenditure of N62,908,227,000.00 and capital expenditure of N113,010,532,525.00.  The proposed budget is expected to be financed from a statutory allocation of N98,387,678,146.00 and internally generated revenue of N39,424,113,849.00 while our capital receipts for the year is estimated at N38,106,967,530.00.  This shows a balanced budget as recurrent revenue and capital receipts have adequately financed both recurrent and capital expenditures.


It would be noted that this years budget is less than that of last year by N29 billion due to the general dwindling of the economy,  the falling price of oil at the international market from $103 per barrel to now $63 per barrel thereby reducing the amount being shared by the Federation Account and the insurgency that has made internally generated revenue next to nothing   largely due to the stoppage of most commercial and even farming activities in the State.  Therefore, our revenue sources have drastically reduced thereby affecting our budgetary provisions for the 2015 year.  We must therefore work within our means and that is why we will have to restrategise, reorder our priorities and implement only projects and programmes that have direct and immediate impact on the lives of our people. 










The Ministry of Education is responsible for planning and execution of educational policies and programmes of the State Government and supervises the activities of some educational agencies such as Teaching Service Board, Agency for Mass Literacy, Educational Endowment Fund and Library Board.  It has 80 Senior Secondary Schools, 2 Technical Colleges at Bama and Damboa and 31 integrated Quranic Schools at Maiduguri and Konduga. 


For the Ministry to achieve the goal of providing functional education to all citizens of Borno State, it will strengthen its effort in the provision of school infrastructure and facilities such as boreholes, furniture, bed and beddings, health care, transportation and instructional materials to ensure adequate and quality education.  The level of education is determined by the quality of its teachers and therefore training and retraining of teachers will be given adequate attention.  Specifically therefore, Government will rehabilitate all schools destroyed by insurgents and complete on-going projects while instructional materials, computers, desks/chairs, school buses, utility vehicles and students feeding system will continue to be provided.  Similarly, we shall undertake the electrification of schools, drill boreholes to provide portable water, accreditation of technical Colleges and procure science equipment, chemicals and reagents as well as school curriculum and syllabus for the use of all students.  In the same vein, Government will, in the 2015 year, Pay WAEC/NECO fees and provide utility bus for the Education Resources Centre to enhance its operations.   To address the shortage of teachers and staff in our Post Primary Schools, Government intends to recruit 1,000 graduates and NCE teachers and 700 auxiliary staff. Workshops and seminars will  also be organized for Principals and teachers to enhance their managerial and teaching skills.


 For the Ministry to carryout its responsibilities during the 2015 fiscal year, the total sum of N14,562,412,700.00 has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The Ministry is charged with the responsibility of coordination and supervision of the activities of tertiary institutions in the State with a view to ensuring quality performance of these institutions.  It also supervises and monitor the Borno State Scholarship Board and handles issues of higher training within and outside the Country.  Moreover, it is responsible for the effective take-off of the Borno State University that is already in the pipeline and substantial progress has been made in this regard.


 For the 2015 year therefore, Government intends to continue with the complete rehabilitation of infrastructural facilities in the remaining institutions that are yet to benefit while all on-going projects will be completed.  To make the institutions comfortable for quality education and research, Government will provide furniture, science/technical equipments and ensure full accreditation of courses and programmes by NUC, NBTE and NCCE while capacity building of staff in ICT will also be undertaken during the period.


To enable the Ministry undertake the above activities in the 2015 fiscal year, the total sum of N12,955,194,550.00 has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




The State Universal Education Board is charged with the responsibility of planning, formulation and execution of the State Government policies and programme on basic education in the State.  It is important to note that basic education is the foundation of education and must be given the desired attention if we are to build a strong, purposeful and functional education at the secondary and tertiary levels.  During the 2015 fiscal year therefore, Government will reinforce its effort at addressing essential facilities and infrastructure at the primary schools especially the issues of classrooms furnitures, instructional materials, sporting equipment and teacher training among others.


 Equally, the Board Headquarters will be renovated and provided with adequate furniture for the comfort of staff to do their duties diligently and effectively.  Moreover, Government will purchase computers, overhead projectors and 100 KVA generator to ensure constant power supply in the office complex.  It will also undertake the feeding of students at the 3 Special need Schools located at Maiduguri, Biu and Monguno while training of staff on data entering, installation of V-Sat and payment of subscription for internet link will be given due attention.  Above all, Government will ensure that all counterpart funds are paid regularly and promptly to enable us access the UBEC funds for development of education.


For the Board to carry out its responsibilities during the 2015 fiscal year, the total sum of N11,044,721,400.00 has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 In the 2015 fiscal year, the Ministry will consolidate its efforts at addressing food security, poverty reduction and job creation for the teeming youths and graduates.  It is to be  emphasized that agriculture remains  the largest employer of the unemployed and Government will as a deliberate measure commit substantial resources to address the sector. Specifically therefore, Government intends to undertaken the following:-


1)    Develop and establish more farm service centres across the State to ensure that agricultural expertise is brought closer to the farmers to impact new farming techniques.


2)    Seed multiplication unit will be reinvigorated to ensure improved seeds are provided to farmers on time while industrial crops such as cotton and groundnut will be accorded priority.


3)    Agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and agro chemicals will be procured and distributed to farmers on time while irrigation schemes will be made to operate optimally so as to engage the youths/graduates in dry season farming.


4)    The Ministry is to ensure that all farmers have access to the farm machineries like tractors, threshers, millers etc to incorporate mechanized farming into our system.  The over 1000 tractors and their accessories will be fully utilized across the 27 Local Government Areas to ensure early land preparation thereby reducing drudgery.


5)    Government will continue to maintain a robust buffer stock that will address food crisis resulting from the insurgency.  This will be done through  buy up excess from products at encouraging price that will motivate our farmers.


6)    The agricultural transformation team will continue to operate on its terms of reference to ensure mass food production across the State.


7)    Facilitate cooperative group formation for easy access to micro credit to boost  agricultural production and encourage linkages and collaboration with research institutes and NGOs for technology generation and dissemination. 


8)    Payment of counterpart fund for NPFS, IFAD and Fadama III to access the Federal Government growth enhancement support to our esteemed farmers.


9)    With the securing of N2 Billion loan from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), our farmers will benefit from the loan to increase their food production and ago-allied industries.


To enable the Ministry of agriculture and Natural Resources undertake the above activities during the 2015 fiscal year, the total sum of N9,893,322,750.00has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures. 




The Ministry is responsible for planning, formulation and implementation of the State Government policies and programmes in the livestock, veterinary and fisheries sector with a view to obtain high quality meat for human consumption and marketable hides and skin for local industries and export.  In the 2015 year therefore, Government intends to vaccinate and treat all species of animals against various diseases and inspect abattoirs, slaughter houses/slaps and livestock market.  It will also complete the renovation of Maiduguri abattoir, construct five Zonal Veterinary Hospitals at Bama, Biu, Benisheikh, Monguno and Gwoza and upgrade the Maiduguri Veterinary Hospital to Teaching Hospital. 


 To ensure adequate poultry production, Government will stock its poultry project unit and reactivate Gambole, Muna and Biu Cattle ranches to develop beef value chain and the dormant livestock investigation and breeding centres.  In 2014 year, Government trained 431 youths in fish farming/hatchery and poultry keeping and management and would therefore assist them this year to enable them set up businesses of their own.  Toward creating jobs for the youths, Government intends to construct fishing village at Lake Alau and Biu Dam and produce millions of fish fingerlings for easy access to farmers.  It will also purchase fish inputs and construct fish feed mills in Maiduguri and Biu.


 For the Ministry to undertake the above activities, the total sum of N2,219,480,250.00 has been earmarked for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The Ministry is responsible for ameliorating environmental problems such as deforestation, desertification, soil erosion and land degradation and water and Air pollution.  It also coordinates and  supervises the activities of Borno State Environmental Protection Agency (BOSEPA)  to ensure the  cleanliness of the State Capital and other major towns.  In the 2015 years therefore, Government intends to undertake flood and erosion control measures and structures in Maiduguri and other towns as well as desilting and evacuation of all drainages.  It will also dredge and channel the rivers of Alau and Nggadabul as major outfall in Maiduguri and rehabilitate ageing main drainage channels in Maiduguri and other towns.


 In the area of forestry, Government will produce and distribute tree seedlings, develop woodlots across the State and intensify effort in the  beautification of the State Capital.   To reduce over dependence on forestry wood, Government will purchase and distribute wood efficient stoves and provide alternative source of energy to the people.  Also, Government will continue to fund the environmental vanguards to ensure and make Maiduguri the cleanness city in Nigeria. 


 To enable the Ministry of Environment undertake its activities in the 2015 year, the total sum of N4,029,206,500.00has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The Ministry of Health is charged with the responsibility of formulation, planning, coordination and implementation of all health policies and programmes of the State Government.  It also liaises and collaborate with health agencies and development partners such as WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA etc to address health issues.  It is important to stress that the issue of health care delivery in recent times has become a challenging one especially with the security challenges that has forced people to live in crowded areas because of the fear for the unknown.  This has its health implication particularly cholera, ebola and other transmittable diseases. Consequently, Government will double its effort to address these challenges through vigorous pursuit of its health policies  and programmes in both the  curative and preventive aspects.


 During the 2015 year therefore, Government will continue with the rehabilitation of health facilities in all hospitals and health institutions and provide equipment, beds and beddings and essential drugs to cater for the needs of our people.  We shall also  construct new orthopeadic hospital and kidney dialisis centre  here in the State Capital to cater for the health needs of those requiring to go abroad due to lack of such facility.  We will also carry out general assessment needs of our primary and secondary health facilities.  Similarly, we shall undertake the construction of new General Hospital at Gongulong, MalamFatori and complete the one at Gashigar and provide necessary equipment and facilities.   Moreover,  the health care needs of all the  IDPs camps will be provided and enlightenment campaign carried out on the need to maintain proper hygiene and environmental sanitation.  Furthermore, the issues of immunization, malaria control, TB and Leprosy and HIV/AIDs will be pursued with greater vigor to ensure that all our children are immunized and killer diseases eliminated completely from our society. 


For the  Ministry of Health  and human services to undertake these activities in the 2015 year, the total sum of N17,691,930,400.00 has been earmarked for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




The Ministry is responsible for conceiving, planning, construction, supervision and maintenance of roads, drainages, bridges and other civil, mechanical and electrical engineering works in the State. Let me therefore reiterate that road network is a key infrastructure for which we shall continue to give it our top priority to see to it that all corners and crannies of the State are connected with tarred and motorable roads.  Government will in  the 2015 year, complete all on-going roads projects and construct new ones where necessary.  It will also address the issue of potholes and dilapidation on our roads through resurfacing and if need be reconstruction especially within the township and other urban centres.


  Specifically, the following roads will be considered for construction:-


a)     16 KM single carriageway to link Bama road with Biu road         through Fori.


b)    21 KM single carriageway from Chad Basin Quarters to Baga road via Fariya.


c)     Dualisation of 5.6KM Damboa road up to Federal Road Safety Office along Biu road.






d)    250M Bridge across river Ngaddabul to connect University of Maiduguri with Fori. 


e)     Expansion of 14.5KM dual carriageway from Old Welcome roundabout to Njimtilo village.


f)      Construction of additional lanes at post office and El-Kanemi roundabouts.


g)     Construction of 2.4KM road linking old welcome through Imam Malik and LG Pension Office to Sir Kashim Road, Maiduguri.


 To enable the Ministry of Works undertake the above activities in the 2015 fiscal year, the total sum of N23,304,702,160.00 has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




The Ministry is charged with the responsibility of providing the basic needs of both the rural and urban communities of the State in terms of provision of housing and electricity.  As you may be aware, shelter and power are indispensable for any meaningful development and that is why the State Government have taken the bold step to not only provide houses but also electricity across the State to ginger the springing up of small and  medium scale enterprises to arrest the rural-urban migration.  In the 2015 year therefore, Government intends to construct 1000 Housing Units in Maiduguri, Biu and Monguno, Commissioners Quarters and Legislative Village including Speaker and Deputy Speaker residences.  We shall also construct new shopping complexes in the Metropolis, housing estates in other towns and Permanent Office complex for the Ministry.  Also, the renovation of Housing Corporation Headquarters Office will be undertaken.


 In the electrification subsector, Government intends to continue with the  provision of relief substations in MMC and Jere as well as other towns and villages across the State.  Moreso, the electrification of Legacy Garden Housing Estate and 2500 Housing Units will be undertaken while solar streetlights across the State will be maintained and additional ones provided.  This is in addition to the purchase of operational vehicles and equipment.


 To enable the Ministry undertake these activities in the 2015 fiscal year, the total sum of N7,879,646,000.00 has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The Ministry is charged with  the responsibility of formulation of policies on economic development, preparation of annual and supplementary budgets for the Government and coordination of technical assistance by bilateral and multilateral agencies.  The provision of statistical data is necessary for development purposes and it is hoped that the Ministry will  live up to the expectations of Government in securing accurate data for planning.


 For the Ministry to undertake its functions in the 2015 year,  the total sum ofN1,312,807,350.00 has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditures. 




The Ministry is charged with the responsibility of coordinating, controlling and supervising the propagation and practice of Islam and foster religious harmony between different faiths across the State. Considering the insurgency that has been falsely linked to Islam, Government will intensify effort towards religious public enlightenment and inter faiths dialogue to ensure harmony and religious tolerance among the people.


  Similarly, Government intends to construct Islamiya Secondary Schools to absorb the Sangaya pupils and integrate them into the Universal Basic Education.  It will also establish Islamic Vocational Centres to provide basic vocational skills to the  graduands of the Quranic Schools to make them self-reliant. 


 To enable the Ministry carry out its responsibilities, the total sum of N3,664,179,900.00has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The Ministry of Water Resources is charged with the responsibility of formulating and execution of water development and management policies and programmes of the State Government.  As we are aware, water is indispensable for human and animal existence and must be given due attention to make life more comfortable to our people.  Government will  therefore continue to maintain the Maiduguri surface supply system and numerous boreholes across the State  while equipments, chemicals, pumps, pipes and other requirements will be procured.


To cover areas that are yet to benefit or where existing ones are insufficient, Government will establish mini water works at Bama, Monguno, Damasak, Shani and Ngaram while the A.W.S. School in Maiduguri will be provided with classrooms, fencing, overhead tanks and ground  reservoirs.  Under our rural water supply project, Government intends to drill 270 boreholes that is 10 boreholes per Local Government while hydrometric stations will be established across the State.  In the same vein, Government will construct the 2nd phase of Maiduguri Surface Water Supply and complete Biu Dam Project while training, workshops and seminars will be organized to update the knowledge of staff.


To enable the Ministry of Water Resources undertake these projects and programmes in the 2015 year, the total sum of N6,728,296,550.00 has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The Ministry is responsible for the initiation, facilitation and implementation of the State Governments policies and programmes for the promotion and development of trade, investment and cooperatives.  These include promotion of domestic and export trade, formulation of guidelines on investment and establishment of industries, registration of businesses and consumer protection, solid minerals exploitation, provision of industrial estates and monitoring the performances of Government owned and private industries among others.  Our objective is to transform Borno State into a virile commercial and industrial economy which is private sector driven while Government provides the conducive enabling macro-economic environment.


 Towards this end, Government intends to resuscitate the State owned industries which include Neital (Nig) Ltd, Borno Wire Industries Ltd, BOPLAS Industries Ltd, Pompomari Soda Ash Company, Cottage Industries, among others.  It will also establish pharmaceutical Company, Groundnut oil Mills, tomatoes and vegetable Company, Bottled Water Company and cornchips processing  industries so as to create jobs and generate revenue.  We shall also participate in trade fairs and exhibitions to show case our agricultural, mineral and artistic/crafts to prospective investors.


 In the tourism industry, Government intends to resuscitate the Maiduguri International Hotel and State Hotels at Biu, Monguno and Lake Tilla Holiday Resort to enhance the socio-economic development of the State.  Similarly, the Borno Supply Company will be resuscitated while Borno Investment Company will be injected with capital to enable it play its role in the capital market.


 To enable the Ministry of Trade, Investment and Cooperatives undertake the above functions and projects, the total sum of N6,241,719,300.00  has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The Ministry of Sports Affairs is charged with the responsibility of sports development in terms of organization, training, supervision and procurement of sporting equipment as well as provision of sporting infrastructural facilities.    It also renders assistance to clubs and associations to promote sporting activities among the youths in the State.


In the 2015 fiscal year therefore, Government will complete the Maiduguri International Stadium with its adjoining shopping complex and undertake the renovation of  El-Kanemi Warriors Sports Centre.   It will also undertake the construction of mini stadia in Local Government Headquarters to encourage youths to participate in sporting activities.  Moreover, the Ministry and Sports Council will be provided with vehicles and  their offices renovated to enhance their operations.


To enable the Ministry of Sports  Affairs undertake it activities in the 2015 year, the total sum of N1,596,345,050.00has been earmarked for both recurrent and capital expenditures.









The Ministry,  is responsible for the provision of social services such as social welfare, women empowerment, rehabilitation of destitutes, disabled and the blind as well as child development and prevention of human trafficking among others.   It also collaborate and work in partnership with National and International bodies to promote and enhance women and child development and protection against all forms of abuse.


 In the 2015 year, Government intends to construct Hostels for Refugees, Remand Homes, workshop for the Handicapped, Rehabilitation  Centres and renovation of inmates Hostels at approved School Maiduguri.  It will also undertake the renovation of cottage industries at Benisheikh, Bama and Konduga and construct women development centres at Bama, Shani and Monguno. While assistance will be rendered to children in difficult circumstances and victims of human trafficking.  To encourage women to go into agriculture, Government intends to prepare land, provide seedlings and fertilizers for the FSP farm and other women groups who would be mobilized. Educational materials will also be provided for FSP Primary and Secondary School and Muna Blind Farm craft centre.  To enhance girl child education, Government will construct one girl child centre in each of the 3 Senatorial zones of the State. Moreover, the childrens Home will be renovated and provided with materials to ensure their comfort.


To enable the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development undertake these projects and programmes in the 2015 year, the total sum of N913,163,700.00 has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The Ministry, being the mouth piece of the Government, engages in information dissemination and public enlightenment about Government policies, programmes and actions and at the same time gauges public reactions on such actions so as to profer solutions.  It also oversees the activities of the state owned media the Borno Radio Television Corporation (BRTV) and Council for Arts and Culture.


 In the 2015 year therefore, Government intends to refurbish machines at the Government Printing Press and provide new equipment to enhance its operation while staff quarters for information officers in the zonal offices will be constructed to make them comfortable to carry out their duties more efficiently and effectively.  Furthermore, the Open Air Theatre will be expanded and renovated to accommodate more people during activities.  Similarly, we intend to digitalise the activities of the BRTV and construct Zonal Information Centres at Askira, Kwaya Kusar, Guzamala and Ngala as well as resuscitate State newspapers, mobiliser magazine, and refurbish the photo colour laboratory.  In the same vein, fire fighting equipment, staff uniform, furniture, radio communication gadgets, water tanks and ambulance will be procured to enhance the activities of the Ministry.  Moreover, we intend to recruit fire men and women and complete fire service substations within the metropolis.  While  the Council for arts and culture will be revitalized and promoted to preserve our rich cultural heritage.


  For the  Ministry to carry out its activities in the 2015 year, the total sum of N5,587,474,000.00 has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




The Ministry of Justice is a service Ministry that handles legal matters for and on behalf of the State Government and these include rendering legal advice, prosecution of both criminal and civil cases, appeals in Courts, drafting and vetting contract agreements, legal instruments and processing of petitions from the general public among others. 


For the Ministry to achieve its objective of quick dispensation of justice, Government will construct sanitation Court complex, renovate the Ministry branch offices in Biu, Gubio, Monguno and Damboa and Upper Area Courts across the State.  In the same vein, we shall construct befitting office for Prerogative of Mercy and renovate High Court Complex and some High Courts at the Milk Shop area Maiduguri.  Furthermore, Government will purchase law books, publications and continue to assist our law school students to enable them perform creditably.


To enable the Ministry of Justice undertake its activities in the 2015 year, the total sum of N786,042,850.00 has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and Youth Empowerment is responsible for the procurement and distribution  of poverty alleviation materials to cushion  the hardship of our youths and unemployed as well as train them in skills acquisition programme to make them self reliant.   As you may be aware, the issue of poverty has become endemic in view of the insurgency that has prevented thousands of our people from engaging in their farms to earn a living. Towards this end, Government will take proactive measures in its effort at providing poverty alleviation materials and credit facilities through our micro credit scheme.  The State Government is already in the process of obtaining loan from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and when it is matured, many of our people will benefit from the loan to enhance their small scale businesses.


 Specifically therefore, Government intends to procure assorted poverty alleviation materials such as tricycles, three wheel cargo machines, VW Golf cars, generators, grinding and sewing machines among others. Moreover, our training in various trades of skills acquisition programme would be sustained and the graduates will be provided with working materials and financial grants to enable them open up businesses and become employers of labour.  Similarly, Government will assist NGOs that engage in self-help community projects and cooperative societies to ginger their participation in socio-economic activities and entrepreneurship development.


 To enable the Ministry carry out these activities in the 2015 year, the total sum of N6,069,665,700.00 has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




The Ministry is responsible for the supervision, monitoring and coordination of the activities of the 27 Local Government Areas of the State and that of the eight (8) Emirates in the State.  The year 2014 has been with serious challenges especially Local Government Areas affected by the insurgency though the State Government was still able to reconstruct and renovate Emirs Palaces whose works are at almost 100% completion.  The Palaces are the  Shehu of Borno, the Shehu of Dikwa and the Emir of Askira while contracts have been awarded for the Emirs Palaces at Biu, Bama, Uba and Shani.   The Emirs of  Bama, Askira, Uba and Biu which is on-going while Emirs Guest Houses along Bama road Maiduguri have been completed.  Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, traditional rulers play key roles in community policing and this unfortunately explains why they have been targets of insurgents. Traditional rulers are critical in mobilizing citizens in their communities to be actively involved in policing their communities and collaborating with security agencies. This is apart from the regular interface of traditional rulers with Government at all levels over communal issues. Government has also intervened in various areas that have direct bearing and impact on the grassroot population especially solar power, electricity, seed planters and tractors among others.


 For the Ministry to continue to undertake its services of supervising the Local Government Councils, complete on-going projects and intervene in critical areas of development at the grassroot,  the total sum of N1,062,450,000.00 has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is charged with the responsibility of being the custodian and ensuring the effective management of all public funds accruable to the State from Federation Accounts, internally generated revenue and donor agencies.   Government will consolidate its effort in this area and ensure that all resources are used judiciously to have value for our money.  It will also renovate the old treasury unit and procure furniture and equipment while training of staff in IPSAS will continue to make our staff conform to international standard and best practices.  Similarly, the issue of  pension and gratuity will continue to receive adequate attention.


 Accordingly, the total sum of N12,021,331,550.00 has been allocated to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development for its capital and recurrent expenditures.  It is important to note that substantial part of the allocation will be dedicated to the payment of gratuities and pension.




The Ministry is responsible for the administration and management of land in the State guided by the Land Use Act of 1978, town and country planning Act and survey Act Cap 194 of 1960.  In the 2015 year therefore, Government intends to design layout along Kano road for residential and commercial purposes while developmental plans for Biu, Bama and Monguno towns will be carried out.  It also intends to introduce site and services scheme thereby attracting development levies from all services provided in order to generate revenue to Government.


To ensure effective performance of staff, Government will acquire modern survey and planning equipment, construct new office complex and computerise the activities of the Ministry to enhance quick and comprehensive information processing system.  It will also train staff for effective usage of the system to achieve millennium development goal of digitalisation.  Government will also review the Maiduguri Master Plan which was done since 1977 and establish Auto Mechanic villages at different locations of the State Capital to encourage auto mechanic skills acquisition by the youths.


 For the Ministry of Land and Survey to carry out its activities in the 2015 fiscal year, the total sum of N1,642,900,000.00 has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.            




  The Ministry is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the activities and programmes of all United Nations Agencies, Federal Government Ministries and Agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations with a view to obtain maximum benefits  from their services and completing the programmes within the timeframe. Government will therefore make every effort to pay its counterpart funding of all programmes to enable the State benefit from such services and projects being rendered by donor agencies.  It will also strengthen its collaboration effort with all Federal Government Ministries and Agencies for effective service delivery.


 To enable the Ministry of Inter-Governmental Affairs and Special Duties carry out its activities in the 2015 fiscal year, the total sum of N630,104,700.00has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The Ministry of Transport and Energy is charged with the responsibility of planning and executing the State Governments policies and programmes on transport and energy.  Considering the critical role of transport and energy in the development of any economy especially in this period of economic crunch and insurgency activities that have devastated  the lives of many of our people as well as lack of adequate power to propel the economy, Government in is wisdom has decided to create the Ministry of Transport and Energy  so as to adequately address the situation and provide succor to our people through the provision of cheap ad affordable means of transport and solar power to promote small and medium businesses. 


 The Ministry comprises of the hitherto transport unit of Ministry of Works and Transport and the newly established Borno Energy Development Company.  In the 2015 year  therefore, Government will improve and expand the services of the Borno Express Transport Corporation with the purchase of more fleets of Buses and coordinate the various mass transit buses for effective and timely service delivery.  It will also finalise the full take-off of the Solar Plant for adequate ad efficient power supply to the State to boost and propel small businesses.  Furthermore, the activities of the vehicle licence administration and VIO will be improved and provided with the required facilities to make them more efficient in the discharge of their duties.   Moreover, it will collaborate with the National Union of Road Transport Workers and National Association of Transport Owners (NATO) to make transportation more comfortable, easy and faster with less accidents if any.


To enable the Ministry undertake its activities during the 2015 year, the total sum of  N925,009,800.00 has been allocated  for both recurrent and capital expenditures. 






The Ministry is charged with the responsibility of monitoring, supervising and evaluating all projects of special nature to guarantee quality, standard and adhere to international best practices as well as quick service delivery.  The creation of the Ministry is not unconnected with the Governments desire to have quality and value for its money and to avoid the rampant cases of collapse of buildings due to poor standard and lack of quality materials as well as poor or compromised supervision.  This is necessary in order to justify the confidence reposed in us by the people of Borno and as the trustees of Allah who gave us the leadership of our people. 


In the 2015 year therefore, Government intends to undertake special projects in very critical areas that have direct impact on the lives of the people and of immediate need.  Similarly, all projects being undertaken by Government in whichever Ministry will be monitored to ensure that they comply  with specifications and contents of the contract agreement as well as conform to international standards and with quality/quantity required for the projects.


To enable the new Ministry take-off effectively and carry out its mandate efficiently to ensure quality  service delivery, the  total sum of N543,632,300.00 has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditure for the 2015 fiscal year.




 The Board is responsible for revenue generation, collection and remittance into Government coffers.  Let me reiterate that revenue generation in recent times has been challenging and very poor especially with the security situation where all the  Zonal Offices are closed and most federal agencies relocated to safer zones.  However, Government will make concerted effort to address the challenges to enable us revamp the economy through intensive and extensive agriculture and promotion of small and medium scale enterprises.


 In this regard, Government will conclude the computer training of the remaining staff in preparation for complete automation of the Boards activities while professional training at Joint Tax Board Institute and chartered institute of taxation of Nigeria will continue.  To facilitate payment of taxes by clients, a website has been created and bank account published to make direct payment easy.  This will enhance revenue generation, block leakages and make tax administration easier, faster and more efficient.  We shall therefore embark on public enlightenment to educate the tax payers on the reforms.  Similarly, Government intends to introduce the Tax Payer Identification Number to assist in tracking down taxpayers activities.  May I therefore, appeal to all Ministries, Departments and Tertiary Institutions to render monthly revenue generation to the Board.


 For the Board  of Internal Revenue to carry out its services in 2015 year, the total sum of N559,194,550.00 has been allocated to it. 




The Civil Service Commission is charged with the responsibility of recruitment, promotion, discipline and control of the civil service for effective implementation of government goals and objectives to the people.  Government will therefore continue to support the Commission to enable it carry out its mandate especially computerisation of the activities of the Commission, purchase of new vehicles and 100 KVA generator and installation of internet facilities to enhance its operations.  Government will also undertake the   publication of Annual reports 2012 2014 and their gazettes while staff training will receive adequate attention.   It also intends to recruit all categories of staff for Ministries and extra-Ministerial Departments.


For the Commission to carry out its services in the 2015 year, the total sum of N189,392,050.00has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditures.






The Local Government Service Commission is responsible for the appointment, promotion, transfer and discipline of all Local Government Staff on Grade Level 07 and above.  It is also responsible for the training and retraining of all cadres of staff in the Local Government system.  Government will continue to support the Commission to discharge its responsibilities especially renovation of offices, purchase of vehicles and provision of VIP toilets among others.  


To enable the Commission undertake its services in the 2015 year, the total sum of  N123,317,150.00 has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The Office of the State Auditor General is responsible for ensuring budgetary discipline, probity and accountability in the management of public funds by Government Ministries, Departments and Parastatals.  Government will therefore continue to train the staff and provide all its requirements to enable it discharge its functions.  For the office of the Auditor General to function effectively, the total sum of N240,700,000.00 has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.








The Local Government Audit is responsible for ensuring that all Local Government Councils exercise budgetary discipline and accountability in all their financial dealings.  Let me call upon the Local Government Audit Department to ensure that public Funds are utilized for the development and wellbeing of the Local Governments.


 For the Department to carry out its statutory functions in the 2015 year, the total sum of N261,180,700.00 has been earmarked for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The judiciary is the third arm of the Government and comprises the Judicial Service Commission, High Courts, Sharia Court of Appeal and Area Courts.  It is important to note that the Judiciary is the last hope of the common man and therefore it should ensure that justice is not delayed.  Let me however commend the effort of the Judiciary in the dispensation of justice and urge it to increase its processes in order to quicken its judgements.


Government will therefore continue to respect the autonomy of the judiciary and will make every effort to provide conducive environment for the working of our judicial staff to enhance their performance.


For the  Judiciary to carry out its services in the 2015 year, the total sum of N1,467,630,250.00 has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




The Corporation was established purposely to provide cheap and affordable transportation to the citizens and particularly to support the less privileged members of the society.  For the Government to sustain this laudable programme and reduce the hardship of our people, Government will purchase more fleets of buses and other motor vehicles and rehabilitate the terminus and provide additional services.


Accordingly, the total sum of N1,145,982,315.00 has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditures. 




The legislature being the law making arm of the Government will continue to function without any interference from the Executive in order to respect the Constitutional mandate of separation of powers.  Let me therefore commend the cordial relation existing among the three arms of the Government which has no doubt assisted greatly in the implementation of our policies and programmes.  May I therefore commend the House for the quick passage of all bills sent to it by the Executive.


For the House to continue to perform its functions effectively and efficiently, Government intends to construct House of Assembly village, procure office equipment and furniture and settle all fees for conferences of Honourable Members and staff.  It will also continue to support members to carry out their oversight functions and visit their constituencies to mobilise the people and collect relevant data for Government use. 


For the House of Assembly to undertake its activities in the 2015 fiscal year,  the total sum of N2,930,019,250.00 has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




 The Assembly Service Commission is responsible for the  recruitment, promotion, disciple and transfer of all staff of the  State House of Assembly.  Government will therefore continue to support the Commission to enable it perform its functions more effectively and efficiently so as to enhance the legislative duties of the House.


 For the Commission to carry out its services during the 2015 fiscal year, the total sum of N812,260,500.00 has been earmarked for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




The Commission is responsible for the organization of elections at the Local Government level and liaises with Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on voter registration and delineation of constituencies for effective grassroot administration and development.  Let me however express my sadness over our inability to organize Local Government election due largely to the security challenges.


To enable the  Commission carry out its functions in the 2015 year, the total sum of N447,104,450.00 has been allocated to it for both recurrent and capital expenditures.







The Governors Office deals with  general administration, coordination and overseeing the activities of all Ministries and Departments in the State.  It comprises of the Office of the Secretary to the State Government and Office of the Head of Service and handles administration and general services, Political and Cabinet Affairs, Parastatals, Establishment, Pension, Manpower Development, Liaison services and boundary matters among others.


In the 2015 year therefore, Government will complete the construction of Borno House Abuja and undertake the construction of new Government Lodges and handle the issue of State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA).  It will also renovate the Musa Usman Secretariat, Government Lodges, Liaison Offices at Abuja, Kaduna and Lagos and handle Pilgrims Welfare and NYSC orientation as well as collaborate with UNICEF in projects Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.  Similarly, workshops, training courses, in-service training and national meetings will be undertaken during the period. 


 To enable the  Governors Office undertake these projects and services in the 2015 fiscal year, the total sum of N10,193,026,250.00 has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




The Government House is the seat of the Government and coordinates and supervises the activities of Government through the Governors Office.  It also handles the day to day running of the Government House, Security matters, maintenance of Government lodges and communications with Federal and State Government among others.


 In the 2015 fiscal year, Government intends to construct and equip befitting transit hall for journalists within the Government House and renew contracts with local, national and international television and radio stations for the airing of programmes/activities of the Governor.


 For the Government House to carry out its activities during the 2015 fiscal  year, the total sum of N4,203,211,200.00has been allocated for both recurrent and capital expenditures.




Mr. Speaker, Honourable members, this budget of fulfillment will insha Allah create the desired impact on the lives of our people; we are determined to create jobs for the youths and rejuvenate the economy through local sourcing of labour, technology and raw materials.  In spite of security challenges which we will continue to work assiduously to supportively contain, we shall make every effort to improve the wellbeing of all our people- those not directly affected by the insurgency and our displaced parents, brothers and sisters. We shall continue with the evacuation of displaced citizens still trapped in other places to bring them home, accommodate and cater for them while we make stronger efforts to reclaim our territories and have every displaced person back home. Our wish and goal is to have all citizens back in their homes as soon as possible. But before that is achieved, as Government, we will continue to offer support to individual families and communities who strive to help those in need so that we encourage them. I have directed the State Emergency Management Agency to immediately make public announcements to invite any resident within and outside Borno State who may be offering shelter to any displaced citizen of Borno State to come forward with verifiable information regarding the status of such citizens so that Government can support the act of kindness. I call on the Agency to continually go round and put up a permanent machinery in place that should ensure that every citizen that harbors displaced citizens is provided our support based on the verifiable number of displaced persons. I passionately urge each and every one of us to remain our brothers keepers and share each other's grief by supporting one another. The heroes among us today are those who make sacrifices for others. Our soldiers and youth volunteers in the civilian JTF who put their lives on the line for us; our citizens who open their doors to accommodate relatives and friends displaced from their communities are the true heroes of Borno. Let us be heroes by opening our houses and arms to embrace those in need  remembering at all times, that you may in future, be in need of help from the same person that seeks your help today. No condition is ever permanent in life. 




Mr Speaker, Honourable members, we are more than committed to the search for peace in Borno. We do alot of work behind the scenes without playing to the gallery. We will never abandon our people no matter the challenge that we face. We have a bond that can't be broken by any threat. We are one people with a common destiny. As people of Borno State we are created by God with indomitable courage which is the blood that runs through our veins. We are resilient people who say no to tough times. We shall insha Allah overcome our tribulations, I so believe this. Let's continue our shared works as individuals, groups, institutions and Government- we all have roles to play by renewing our commitment to invoking God's intervention, policing our communities and telling what we see, by not sharing false information that can cause panic, by raising our children to abhor violence and being useful to themselves. As leaders, we all have the obligation of passing the right attitude to those we lead so that Borno can be the pride that we all seek. 




Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, I have enjoyed tremendous support from you in the year 2014 and in years before it. Ahead of 2015, I solicit for your greater cooperation and request for quick passage of the 2015 budget in line with your tradition of dutifulness, hard work, competence and selfless service to Borno and its people. Let me also seek the continued support of my foot soldiers the civil servants who make things to work so that when this budget is passed, we can implement it to lay another phase of hope in our mission to rebuild Borno. I thank this exalted House for this visit and presentation. I look forward to working with you in harmony as we go into the New Year. I wish everyone here a happy and prosperous 2015 and I pray to Allah (SWT) to restore peace and tranquility to our very dear Borno State and our pride and Country, the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 


Thank you and God bless.






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